The bar or lounge area is often the first experience to setting the tone. If you're serving appetizers many guests will likely start out with a cocktail or lager. Keep in mind if you are going with a full course menu please make sure your bar is also stocked with the red and white wines.

Planning any special event can become stressful with all the choices to be made. From finding the best venue to selecting your entertainment. Stephanie Affairs To Remember can help YOU customize your event with ease. From intimate dining rooms to corporate events, we offer various personalized services to manage and coordinate your vision. Contact us today to get started designing your dream eatery experience.

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The place settings you present to your guests, will be just as important as the meals you're placing them on. Simple but elegant can ALWAYS set the right tone at your tables.

Never be afraid to explore your different taste buds. This can help you & your guests have a satisfying culinary experience to remember.

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